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1. What is MySQL
(FAQs/Technical Information)
... MySQL can be accessed very continently with PHP which make it the first choice for web development. The standard database is available for free and as open source. If your installation requires extra speed ...
2. What is PHP
(FAQs/Technical Information)
... languages was one way to do it. The real breakthrough in dynamic website came when Rasmus Lerdorf invented PHP. He is a Danish-Greenlandic programmer who also worked on the development of the newer version ...
... internet development. It is unlikely that you will find a more experienced and knowledgeable computer and web services company on the Costa Blanca. We offer custom programming of databases, web design, ...
4. The Team
(Uncategorised Content)
... in L.A.M.P and began coding for online in 1999. He currently supports Joomla and Wordpress development, which includes the ongoing sale of custom Joomla components available at     ...
5. Ohloh Tracking of Joomla!
(Web Links / Joomla! Specific Links)
Objective reports from Ohloh about Joomla's development activity. Joomla! has some star developers with serious kudos. ...
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