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1. Developing
(Our Services/Our Services)
 Developing     - Production support - Databases - Joomla extensions - Custom programming    ...
2. What is Apache
(FAQs/Technical Information)
... as well which in turn query the MySQL database to create a dynamic website. After the page has been processed by PHP it is passed back to the Apache which will then send it via the HTTP protocol to the ...
3. What is MySQL
(FAQs/Technical Information)
MySQL is probably the most popular a open source relational database system in the world. Depending on the source you look up they have over 10 million installations.Even high traffic sites like Google ...
4. What is PHP
(FAQs/Technical Information)
One of the biggest problems with HTML is the inability to change dynamically. Once the HTML page has been created it cannot change. So, if you have a set of data (like a client list) that changes every ...
5. What is HTML
(FAQs/Technical Information)
... made up of opening and closing tags (<strong> </strong). Between the tags is the data of the document. In this example, any text between the tags would be rendered in bold font. There are tags ...
Welcome to Costa Blanca Web Services We programme the planet.     We have over 20 years of experience in the world of computers, programming, database creation, web design, internet know how and ...
7. MySQL
(Web Links / Joomla! Specific Links)
The database that Joomla! uses ...
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