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HTML (short for Hyper Text Markup Language) is not really a computer language even though the name seems to imply that it is. HTML has no control nor conditional elements like FOR ... NEXT or IF .. ELSE. It is more a way to describe how a text of information is displayed on a computer screen.

Tim Berners-Lee wanted to create a way for researchers to be able to use the internet to collaborate and share information.  In his attempt to achieve this, he invented HTML. He was not a computer programmer, but a physicist working at the European Laboratory for Particle Physics in Geneva, Switzerland.

HTML is made up of opening and closing tags (<strong> </strong). Between the tags is the data of the document. In this example, any text between the tags would be rendered in bold font. There are tags to insert images or display data in tabulated form. In the beginning HTML only had a few tags and was easy to learn by non-computer people. Over the years, more and more tags were added and more and more control over the way information could be displayed was added to the original HTML.

Even now, after more than 10 years, any web page is still done in HTML. Even the dynamically created pages from content management systems are converted to HTML and sent to the browser for rendering. The most important addition to HTML was CSS. With CSS designers have more control over the layout, the colour and the look of the web pages. Today even movement or graphical effect is done with CSS and a little help from Javascript.

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